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Issue Number 9, October 2, 2000
1. What crafts are popular?
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1. What Crafts Are Popular?
by James Dillehay 
Popularity can be seasonal, geographic and/or demographic to 
name a few qualifications. For instance, crafts related to 
gardening will be more popular in Spring months. Christmas 
craft sales will swell the three months before December. 
Craft sales will be higher in tourist areas than metropolitan 
shops. Seniors purchase more toys as gifts than young adults.

Many craft artists say they don't follow what sells nationally 
because to do so would make them manufacturers, not artists.
A friend of mine has grown an exceptionally good business 
selling her wearable art to stores in tourist areas. If she 
stopped creating her original designs in favor of a popular
craft, she would quickly be out of a business she enjoys and 
find herself on the endless road of chasing after the next 
hot trend.

There's nothing wrong with being a manufacturer if that's your 
thing, but let's not confuse that with art or craft. Mass 
production involves mass marketing of products -- this is 
opposite to the nature of those who sell what they make through 
artistic inspiration.

The popularity of well made craft, regardless of the medium, 
is the attractiveness to the consumer of owning a piece made 
by the craft person. This has always been the draw for thousands 
of customers of hand made craftwork.

Several craft industry leaders were asked what they expected 
to be the "big seller" in the year 2000. Not one named a hot 
selling craft, although one did say that glass art may have 
reached its ceiling. See the full article at:

The industry experts seemed to agree that the real 
trend is the Internet and how it will affect your ability to 
sell. For more help with selling crafts online, click here.

If you really want to know what's popular, wear or display 
something you have made and keep track of how many people 
ask you where you got it! 

For some crafts, particularly wearable garments, keeping up with 
consumer trends can prove useful. One year the "in" colors 
were peach and lilac so I decided to weave a line of garments 
in these colors to see if they would sell any faster than my
other pieces created out of inspiration. To my surprise, the 
peach and lilac garments sold faster than anything else.
However, I did not enjoy the feeling that I was working for 
someone else more than following my creativity.

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