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Issue Number 32, July 29, 2004

Part 3 of a 3-part series on
Selling Your Art and Crafts Items on eBay


How to Write Compelling Auction Pages Which
Get More Bids

With all the competing auction listings, your art and crafts auction must stand out and catch each visitor’s attention right away.

Here are 15 hypnotic marketing tactics from Dr. Joe Vitale
that you can use to write irresistible and compelling auction
descriptions and improve your Web site’s conversions of
visitors to customers.

(Only use these descriptive phrases when they are true about
your item.)

• Grab people’s attention with a good headline:
How To...

• Tell people your item is popular with others”
Very popular
Over (no.) items sold in (no.) days!
People from all over the world have used it
(No.) people have already bought

• Tell people your product is new and in the original
100% original
No artificial ingredients
Never opened

• Tell people you offer help with assembly or care:
Comes with easy-to-follow instructions
Get step-by-step help from me
Care instructions provided

• Tell people item is available for immediate delivery:
I ship your order the same day I receive payment
Available for immediate delivery
I offer an “Overnight Delivery” option

• Tell people what other people have said so that will
persuade them to use your item:
I read in a (source) that...
I saw on (source) that…
I heard on (source) that…

• Tell people they have plenty of payment options:
Fastest delivery when you use Pay Pal
Pay with Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discovery
Money Orders accepted

• Tell people they can only get the item from you:
You won't find this in (location)…
You won't see this anywhere else

• Tell people to act before the item is gone:
Bid now or this one-of-a-kind item will be gone forever
After this auction, there will be no more
Act now before it’s gone

• Tell people when they buy from you, their contact
information will be kept confidential:
Your information is completely confidential
Your information will never be sold
We will never pass your e-mail on to a 3rd party

• Tell people the item is collectible:
Limited edition
Only selling (no.) of this version
Add it to your series
Only ( ) autographed copies left

• Tell people how valuable the item is:
Worth ($)
That totals ($)
A ($) value

• Tell people to act:
Place your bid now
Now it’s time to bid
Click and bid now, this item won’t be around for long

• Give people a vivid description of your item, using
plenty of adjectives and words that attract the senses:

• Give people an indirect command that will persuade
them to use your item:
You may want to…
Possibly you should…
You may realize you…
Surely you will…
I trust you'll...

The above article is excerpted from "SELL YOUR CRAFTS ON EBAY", the new book providing more than 200 tactics, tips and tricks to sell your art and craft related items to eBay's millions of buyers daily. For more details, click here.

Have a great week!

James Dillehay

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