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Issue Number 27, September 5, 2003

You may have heard of the phrase "Guerrilla Marketing"
and even read the profit exploding book by Jay Conrad
Levinson. Jay has given me permission to share 50 of
the 100 FREE guerrilla marketing tactics from his newly
published book, "Guerrilla Marketing for Free".

You can get the list of 50 free tactics by sending a
blank email to: and an auto-
responder will send you the list within a few minutes.

Another announcement is an upcoming event specifically
tailored to help you boost your craft sales and profits.
The event is called "Marketing Bootcamp, Creative Marketing
for Creative People" held in beautiful and inspiring
Santa Fe, NM, October 10, 11, & 12, 2003.

To date, over 147 craft artists are attending this special
training. Don't get left behind.

I'll be there along with 6 other expert presenters to share
promotional strategies and tactics that will help you learn
how to break into new and extremely lucrative markets for
your art or craft.

With the scores of tactics learned in this bootcamp, you'll
double or triple your revenues.

Have a great weekend!
James Dillehay

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