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Issue #2 June 26, 2000
1. Letters to the editor - questions and answers 
2. Getting funded through grant money for crafts 
3. Internet tools! 
4. Subscription Management 
1. Letters to the editor 
We got letters with questions Maybe you have been wondering 
yourself about:

Question: What is the difference between a business license 
and a wholesale number?

Answer: You get a business license from the county 
courthouse where you operate your business. There is 
usually an annual fee and it is simply a government tax 
on your business. It really isn't good for much other 
than keeping the government from fining you.

A wholesale number is, in most cases, the same number 
appearing on a "sales tax identification certificate" 
issued by your state government. This number identifies 
you as a business that sells to the public and collects 
sales tax from each retail sale made (in your state). 

Collected sales tax money is then turned over to the state 
by you every quarter, 6 months, annually or however your 
state requires. You aren't required to collect sales tax 
on sales you make out of your state or to businesses or 
wholesale accounts - this is where the 
term "wholesale number" comes from.

Your state taxation department will explain how the 
procedure works. To get a number for your business, go 
to your local "taxation and revenue" department for your 
state. (Thanks Laurel for allowing me to reprint your 

2. Getting Funded Through Grant Money for Crafts 
By James Dillehay 
I recently completed a new book called "The Directory of
Grants for Crafts
" and discovered many giving programs
for craft artists. One such program pays the winning artist's 
(and spouse and kids) airfare to Japan, pays their living
expenses, pays them for Japanese language courses and a 
stipend while they are in Japan.

That's one of many types of support craft artists can 
receive from federal government, local arts agencies, 
private and community foundations, public arts programs,
artists-in-residencies and much more. 

3 . Subscription Management 
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