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Issue Number 19, February 21, 2002 

1. Getting Out of the Ruts
2. Craft Shows Listings
3. Sale Announcement

1. Getting Out of the Ruts
by James Dillehay
I was teaching a class on crafts marketing the other day. As 
usual, I start off asking everyone present to say their 
name, their craft and what they want to get out of the class.
Over half the class members were already selling but reported 
that they weren't doing as well as they wanted to.

Most of us would like a boost in sales. But I noted that 
the ways many craft persons choose to market through 
tend to run in the same directions over and over again -- 
like driving in well worn ruts in a dirt road. 

Almost everyone I've spoken with assumes craft fairs, crafts 
malls and retail stores were where the market is.

True, those are the most well known venues for selling craftwork,
but below are some variations that will help you get new 

First, several types of shows rent booths to craft persons 
beyond craft fairs. Maybe your work would sell at one of 
these events:

* Fine art shows
* Renaissance fairs
* Historical theme shows
* Mall shows
* Local fashion shows
* crafts shows
* Boat shows
* Gun shows
* Horse races
* Gift shows
* Health fairs
* High end flea markets

Many different kinds of retail stores sell handmade items:

* Gourmet stores
* Airport and hotel gift shops
* Museum stores
* Hospital gift shops
* Beauty salons
* Campgrounds and gift stores at National Parks
* Christmas shops
* Fashion boutiques
* Cookware stores
* Florist shops
* Gun stores
* Military bases

Other markets usually overlooked include:

* Selling to corporations
* Public art programs
* Interior design stores
* High end department stores

These are just a few ideas for brainstorming new places 
to sell your work through. 

Why not try thumbing through the Yellow Pages and start 
lining up prospective accounts right now? 

2. Craft Fair Listings

I recently added a Craft Fair Search Box online at:
craft shows

Use this search tool for finding craft shows around the U.S..

If you know of any craft show announcement guides, please let 
me know so I can include them on that Web page. I know 
there are probably scores of small local publications that
could be helpful in locating community events.

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