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Issue Number 15, March 19, 2001
1. Turning Your Art and Crafts Experiences Into Extra Income
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1. Turning Your Art and Crafts Experiences Into Extra Income
by James Dillehay

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there are just not
enough crafts sales coming in from your marketing efforts. Rather
than giving up completely on the notion of selling craftwork
for a living, here are some suggested ways to use your artisan
experiences and personal contacts to earn extra income through

Teaching doesn't require a college education; if you can do 
something well, you can teach someone else. I know because 
I've taught in several states without a degree and once was 
invited to teach a college level course based on a craft book 
I had written. 

Not only can teaching earn you money, you might just inspire 
others to make important changes in their lives. 

Many colleges and universities have continuing education 
departments that offer different kinds of craft classes. Find 
out their teacher eligibility requirements by calling up your
local college. 

You may also find opportunities to teach working with craft 
supply stores. Supply stores sponsor classes as a way to sell 
more supplies so it's in their interest to have classes going
on all the time.

More resources for teaching craft classes include 'open
universities' like Learning Annex in Los Angeles or SageWays
in Albuquerque. These organizations usually produce a catalog
of alternative learning subjects, including crafts, presented
by a mix of local and national teachers.

Presenting a class successfully takes planning and preparation. 
A new book by Bob Walling tells you step-by-step how to make money 
from teaching alternative education classes. 

I met Bob while teaching at SageWays, an open university in
Albuquerque, where he is a partner/owner. Bob's orientation for
new teachers on how to put on a successful class was incredibly

With his help I was able to create a 3 hour class on a craft
related subject. After listing the class with SageWays, ten
people signed up and paid to take the class. SageWays split 
the revenue with me, less a nominal room charge. I cleared
about $120 for 3 hours. Not bad for a fun evening and getting
to meet some interesting people who told me later I helped them
a lot.

Bob's new book, called "MAKE A DIFFERENCE" is jam packed with 
strategies coming from a lifetime of experiences in education. 
Bob Walling helped implement the new Education for All Handicapped 
Children Act in the 1970s at the U.S. Dept of Education in 
Washington. In 1985 he co-founded the adult education center, 
Open U in Minneapolis. He teaches and speaks nationwide on 
teaching and learning.

The book is a must if you have ever considered earning 
part- or full-time income from teaching your craft or other
life experiences.

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